mardi 23 juillet 2013

Ajouts de bonus

Quelques ajouts de bonus sur le blog, Une cafetière rétro, des minis outils, des minis cuisinières, un téléphone rétro, et ....
Je viens de les retrouver en mettant un peu d'ordre dans Totor et Tatave 
(mes deux fidèles lutins informatiques)
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6 commentaires:

  1. Coucou Dominique! I come back later to see what is new for me. There is coming a thunderstorm in a few minutes, so I have to close the computer, I am sorry!
    Amicalement, Ilona

  2. Coucou Ilona,
    You can take your time! The pictures are not going to fly ... Again we had a storm late yesterday afternoon. This cools the air. I wish you a good day full of freshness.
    Amicalement, Dominique

  3. Dominique, que buena idea, tantos tutoriales juntos y tan prácticos todos... muchas gracias por compartir SIEMPRE tus trucos con nosostros. Mariajo

    1. Gracias Meapuntoatodo, que lindo!
      Cuando me enteré de las pequeñas cosas que he hecho, me puse las fotos en este blog "bonus". Esto siempre puede dar ideas de realización ...
      Les deseo un buen día ...
      Atentamente, Dominique

  4. Hi Dominique
    , I'm an Italian follower of yours. I like very much your blogs and I just adore your capability to reproduce objects of real life. Sorry for my English,but my French is worse...thanks a lot for your work and your passion, I will follow you regularly. Bye bye Franca

    1. Hello Franca,
      Thank you for your nice message.
      Welcome to this blog and the people who do not speak English very well. It still manages to be understood! Lol! Some translations are so funny ... I think you'll see ...
      good day